“Lies” – DENNIS

“Lies” – DENNIS

It’s Feature Friday, son!  We featured new music a few times on a few Fridays, so whatever, we might as well make it a thing now.

Today’s Sharx #feature comes from Minneapolis electronic pop duo DENNIS. Don’t let the masculine name fool you though, Katie Bolin & Sarah Morrison craft synth-driven pop music from a feminine perspective. DENNIS songs seem to be formed based on the pop music essentials of fun synths, auto-tuned vocals, & catchy bass lines, but are then juxtaposed against no-holds-barred lyrics & a healthy dose of darkwave overtones. This honest pop sensibility with darker intimations is best exhibited in recent track “Lies” off their independent release “Don’t Fall In Love” (available on both iTunes & Bandcamp).

DENNIS play Kitty Cat Klub in Minneapolis on September 11th, & then once again on October 27th which will be a Halloween costume party show. I’m sure it will be quite the scene. You’ll want to be there if yr in the area.

dennis - lies


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“KC Zombie” – Wildcat Apollo

“KC Zombie” – Wildcat Apollo

You may know Wildcat Apollo from Surreal Sharx first band intervew. Or (more likely) you may know them as dat new new from Austin, Texas that’s been gaining more & more attention this year. Since we featured they’re single “KC Zombie” off their eponymous debut album, we felt it was our duty to bring you their music video for the aforementioned single as well. The video, which was directed in part by vocalist/synths/percussionist Cat Tassini, features a glimpse into a world full of surreal & psychedelic imagery to accompany one of the bands more pop oriented tracks. Dream pop & surreal visuals, these are things we endorse here at Sharx.


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Boy-girl duos are so hot right now. I’ve also noticed the space-betwee-each letter thing becoming more popular. Despite my initially cynical response to this band, “OOO AAA” has a massive intro build up & rumbling synth that hooked me pretty quickly. Their other songs Harlem & Unbound are worth checking out as well.

#infiniteplaylist day 773

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IP: “Blush” – Melted Toys

“Blush” – Melted Toys

It’s Friday, I’ve been working way too much, I’m a little delirious, & I’m in serious need of a vacation. In the spirit of dazed Fridays (Fridaze) I present to you “Blush” by Melted Toys off their debut album. Melted Toys latest work is drone while also being pop. Upbeat tempo, but still vaguely psychedelic.

Via Underwater Peoples Records.

#infiniteplaylist day 772

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IP: “Be Thankful For What You Got” – William DeVaughn

“Be Thankful For What You Got” – William DeVaughn

It’s been 136 days since our last Throwback Thursday post on the Infinite Playlist. Well folks, set your #throwbackthursday counter to zero, because we’re bringing you some smooth vintage tuneage today courtesy of William DeVaughn.

#infiniteplaylist day 772

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IP: “Magic” – Paperwhite

“Magic” – Paperwhite

Monday’s often require an extra push to get thru. Personally, I feel the need for Paperwhite to gimme some of their Magic. Which is why I’ve gone with the Brooklyn dream pop outfit for today’s Infinite Playlist. Also they’re a brother & sister duo, so that’s something worth mentioning.

#infiniteplaylist day 771

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