IP: “Blush” – Melted Toys

“Blush” – Melted Toys

It’s Friday, I’ve been working way too much, I’m a little delirious, & I’m in serious need of a vacation. In the spirit of dazed Fridays (Fridaze) I present to you “Blush” by Melted Toys off their debut album. Melted Toys latest work is drone while also being pop. Upbeat tempo, but still vaguely psychedelic.

Via Underwater Peoples Records.

#infiniteplaylist day 772

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IP: “Be Thankful For What You Got” – William DeVaughn

“Be Thankful For What You Got” – William DeVaughn

It’s been 136 days since our last Throwback Thursday post on the Infinite Playlist. Well folks, set your #throwbackthursday counter to zero, because we’re bringing you some smooth vintage tuneage today courtesy of William DeVaughn.

#infiniteplaylist day 772

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IP: “Magic” – Paperwhite

“Magic” – Paperwhite

Monday’s often require an extra push to get thru. Personally, I feel the need for Paperwhite to gimme some of their Magic. Which is why I’ve gone with the Brooklyn dream pop outfit for today’s Infinite Playlist. Also they’re a brother & sister duo, so that’s something worth mentioning.

#infiniteplaylist day 771

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IP: “Touch” – Shura (Delorean Remix)

“Touch” – Shura (Delorean Remix)

Shura (aka Aleksandra Denton) is a singer from Moscow but is based in London. Delorean is a dance pop/nu disco band from Spain. Infinite Playlist is curated by Surreal Sharx from Texas. Yet further proof we’re moving towards a post-nation-state era of humanity. I’m excited.

#infiniteplaylist day 770

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IP: “Golden House” – The Bilinda Butchers feat. Sarah Psalti

“Golden House” – The Bilinda Butchers feat. Sarah Psalti

Blending electronic and analog isn’t easy, but you’d never know it based on The Bilinda Butchers debut ablum “Heaven”. The San Francisco band blends dream pop, shoegaze, heavy synths, and standard rock instrumentation into something that feels connected to early indie-era power pop but fresh at the same time. We’re so close to this weekend, I can taste it.

Via Orchid Tapes.

#infiniteplaylist day 770

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“Malfunction” — Cyriak

I’ve no idea what this video is. It crawled out from some dark corner of my computer after evolving from the virtual maggots that feast on rotting film footage.

“Malfunction” — Cyriak


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IP: “Penny” – Hanni El Khatib

“Penny” – Hanni El Khatib

Today’s temperature at lunch was below 90 (fahrenheit). In Texas terms, that’s a cool day & requires enjoying yr lunch outdoors (preferably under shade). Today’s IP had to reflect that feeling, & so we call upon the retro rock powers of Hanni El Khatib to take us there.

Via Innovative Leisure.

#infiniteplaylist day 769

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IP: “Flesh War” – Total Control

“Flesh War” – Total Control

Total Control puts the post back into post-punk. From shoegazing synth-driven epics to scorching punk songs with ruff guitars and yelled vocals, Total Control’s LP “Typical System” runs the gamut. Plus, they get extra credit for lyrics that call into question societal structures. Total Control’s most visible member is Mikey Young, whom you may recall is also a significant factor for previously posted bands Eddy Current Suppression Ring & Lace Curtain. That dude is busy.

#infiniteplaylist day 768

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