“Door to Hell”

photograph by Tormod Sandtorvphotograph by Rukhsana Batoolphotograph by Jan Chipchase

“Door to Hell”

Photographs by Tormod Sandtorv, Rukhsana Batool, & Jan Chipchase respectively.


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IP: “Pretty Girls In Pretty Tights” – A. Sinclair

“Pretty Girls In Pretty Tights” – A. Sinclair

Clint had the opportunity to meet these rad dudes a little while back. The lo-fi recording of “Pretty Girls In Pretty Tights” is the best of example of why Do512 is calling them a local band you should be listening to. Yeah sure, this track’s lyrics tell the story of a creeper, but whatever.

Tropical Bass.

#infiniteplaylist day 784

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IP: “After Night” – Voyager x NΣΣT

“After Night” – VoyagerNΣΣT

Shout out to my boi Murilo at Growllective for reposting this song. The Voyager x NΣΣT collaboration “After Night” is a striking mix of heavy electro chillwave, hints of hip hop, & lots of kawaii. Very entertaining.

#infiniteplaylist day 783

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IP: “Traces” – Solids

“Traces” – Solids

Noise. Pop. “Traces” comes off the Montreal band’s debut LP “Blame Confusion”, which was released early this year. “Blame Confusion” is mostly high energy pop hooks played with the fury of punk kids who grew up on early 90s alt rock. Nothing wrong with that.

Via Fat Possum Records.

#infiniteplaylist day 782

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IP: “somethin” – MVSCLES

“somethin” – MVSCLES

I’ve been jamming to Mvscles for about two years now, plus they released “somethin” 7 months ago, & yet still I never blogged it here on Sharx. There’s something incredibly nice about the way they reappropriate elements and tropes of hip hop & trap music to create such overtly positive & whimsical pop music.  I’ve been in a bit of a philosophical funk today & their brash optimism is hitting the nail on the head.

#infiniteplaylist day 781

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IP: “Comeback” – Pale.

“Comeback” – Pale.

Don’t call it a comeback. Is that opening line too cheesy? Probably, whatever. Today’s Infinite Playlist track come’s from London electronic duo Pale (stylized with a period at the end) & “The Comeback EP”. Pale create wonderfully layered downtempo pop music that borders on R&B, combining electric guitar with atmospheric synths. It’s very very good.

Also of note: “The Comeback EP” is avaiable for free download on Soundcloud.

#infiniteplaylist day 780

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IP: “Cold Wind From Fools” – Yacht Club

“Cold Wind From Fools” – Yacht Club

If yr looking for an alternative dance jam with some smoove grooves (preferably from a Canadian band), then wow, have you come to the right place. Fresh off the press over at Burger Records comes the single “Cold Wind From Fools” by Toronto outfit Yacht Club. Srsly though, I can’t believe how accurate I was with my prediction today. I mean, did nail it or what?

Via Burger Records.

#infiniteplaylist day 779

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IP: “The Mile” – Cool Ghouls

“The Mile” – Cool Ghouls

Let’s start this week of IP’s off on a very psychedelic foot. San Francisco band Cool Ghouls are prepping to release their second LP “A Swirling Fire Burning Through The Rye” through Empty Cellar Records later this year, and “The Mile” is a must-listen (to). Also, these are some of the best rock & roll vocal harmonies I’ve heard in a while.

Via Empty Cellar Records.

#infiniteplaylist day 778

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