IP: “Sailing On” – Bad Brains

“Sailing On” – Bad Brains

I’m taking my second professional exam in as many months. Only about 7 more months to go. Bad Brains and 80’s punk have been carrying me through.

Here’s to adulthood.

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IP: “Silly Girl” – Descendents

“Silly Girl” – Descendents

I know it’s only Tuesday, but we’ve been throwing it back all week. Musically, anyways. Plus it’s way more punk rock to Throwback Thursday on a Tuesday.

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IP: “Sunset Silhouette” – Jives’

“Sunset Silhouette” – Jives’

Sometimes life gets busy and we don’t have time to post stuff. To make up for it, here’s a rad song and a cool website/radio station to follow. Have a killer weekend.

Via La Montagne. Also, our friends in Brazil – Growllective – have worked with Jives’ previously.

#infiniteplaylist day 816

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IP: “U Guessed It” – OG Maco

“U Guessed It” – OG Maco

Happy (Good) Friday! Yeah, u guessed it, Sharx will be celebrating Easter this weekend, and we hope everyone enjoys the holiday weekend as well.

#infiniteplaylist day 815

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IP: “Baby Blue” – Action Bronson feat. Chance The Rapper

“Baby Blue” – Action Bronson feat. Chance The Rapper

I’m a huge fan of Action & Chance. And when they team up life gets better. Also, this is easily Action’s catchiest song so far. Full band son.

#infiniteplaylist day 813

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IP: “Look For Love” – Pennybirdrabbit

“Look For Love” – Pennybirdrabbit

Today’s track comes from LA-based pop artist Pennybirdrabbit’s “For Love” EP. The synth pop game sure is a crowded field, but “Look For Love” is just a really fantastic song, and I’d say a good bid for breaking through the crowd.

#infiniteplaylist day 812

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