IP: “Heavy Metal Detox” — Wavves

“Heavy Metal Detox” – Wavves

On this track from V the latest ( 5th! ) album from everyone’s favorite beach-fi band Wavves there is an unmistakable glee in Nathan Williams’ voice when he screams Taking a break / not just from you / but everything. Having found solace in his newfound solitude he does not mind letting the rockstar veneer crack slightly to reveal his obvious road-weariness culminating in the repeated refrain I’m getting worse. While this self-implication of his mental state rings particularly true on this moody record, the band and the singer certainly aren’t getting worse — rather tighter and more focused all the time.

#infiniteplaylist day 834

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NASA has released these radical images of the Plutonian moon Charon from a recent overpass by the New Horizons spacecraft.

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IP: “The Dirt” — Waxahatchee

“The Dirt” — Waxahatchee

I’m a basement brimming with nothing great. Au contraire Miss Crutchfield. There is plenty of greatness on Ivy Tripp. And most of it comes from the lo-fi “basement tapes” style production that eschews bells & whistles for honest, simple songwriting. When something sounds both this present and timeless — well that’s basically greatness in a nutshell innit?

#infiniteplaylist day 833

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IP: “Next Time Around” – Little Joy

“Next Time Around” – Little Joy

Nothing ventured, nothing earned. Nothing ventured, nothing learned. It’s my birthday today. Hopefully the Next Time Around,  I can honestly say I lived this sage advice from this Fabrizio Moretti (drummer for the Strokes) sideproject with Bikini Shapiro and Los Hermanos Rodrigo Amarante.

#infiniteplaylist day 832

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IP: “Loser” – Free Truman

“Loser” — Free Truman

I’m not proud of most of the things I’ve done but it’s okay / kind of pathetic not that poetic basically sums up my entire existence in under the length of a tweet. This song is short and deceptively simple but it’s so catchy and not leaving my rotation anytime soon.

#infiniteplaylist day 831

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IP: “Dr. Mario” – Best Friends

“Dr. Mario” – Best Friends

The chemicals in my blood / are all that are keeping me up may be just about the most resonant lyric I’ve heard in a long time. It doesn’t sound like Best Friends are in a rut — just the opposite actually (pretty grooving) — but sometimes the only thing keeping us moving forward is momentum (and great music like this).

#infiniteplaylist day 830

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IP: “Fuckup” – Hiccup

“Fuckup” – Hiccup

Turns out there’s still something pretty great about a classic no frills three-piece punk rock outfit intent on making fun, catchy music for drunk dancing. If this is the fuckup, I can’t wait to hear them on top of their game.

#infiniteplaylist day 829

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