Merry Christmas from Sharx

merry christmas from sharx

We’d like to wish all our regular readers as well as those just stopping by a very Merry Christmas from the Sharx collective. In order for us to fully enjoy the holiday season with our families & friends, we won’t be posting during the Christmas and New Years break. However, we’ll be coming back stronger than ever in 2015 with more artist features, new Sharx originals, & a whole truck load of awesome content. So keep checking in.

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“Warm California” – The Yetis

“Warm California” – The Yetis

Though at first glance it may seem strange for a band playing surf music to call themselves The Yetis, but this band’s music is anything but strange. The Yetis make beach rock that feels instantly familiar in that warm-and-cozy kind of way, all without out veering into the oh-I’ve-heard-this-before kind of way. The instrumentation, vocals, & lyrics on this double release are sharp & calculated, belying the young ages of the band members (the oldest of which is 22). “Warm California” has everything you could want from a surf jam: surfing references, cool guitars, vocal harmonies, shakers, & even hand claps!

The Yetis are from chilly Allentown, Pennsylvania & they wrote the songs for “Little Surfer Girl / Warm California” in the attic above a garage in the dead of winter, warming their hands with a kerosene heater. “Warm California” proves that you can enjoy the sunny tones of surf rock from anywhere, at any time – rain, shine, or polar vortex.


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“Madonna on Acid” – Kid XL

“Madonna on Acid” – Kid XL

You know what I like about music? Or even surrealism for that matter? It can be transportive. Despite being composed of physical things – sound waves or whatever – it has the ability to take yr mind and put it someplace else. Take a trip down Kid XL’s earlier release called “Vacation” & you’ll find each track explores a different genre. Run down the list of songs on the Kid XL soundcloud & each one presents a differing musical point of reference. Within all that difference, however, you’ll find commonalities in the way the songs encourage yr mind to wander & become engaged in these half-told stories where the present & the future become entangled. The lyrics are always simple, but never simplistic. The songs are pensive, but not moody, whether the guitar is fuzzy & blaring or tame & dreamy.

Kid XL, aka Sean Anthony, is an lo-fi DIY musician from Perth, Australia. Leading up to this post Sean also let me know that his latest song “Blue” now has a music video, which is well worth a minute of yr time.


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“Hold Back” – The National Pool feat. DAJ

“Hold Back” – The National Pool feat. DAJ

We’re stoked to have another song from The National Pool on offer today. The National Pool have been taking a trip around the genres lately, experimenting with their sound & even collaborating with Brooklyn R&B artist DAJ on their latest single “Hold Back”. While still operating from their electronic chillwave niche, “Hold Back” offers prominent vocals, heavier drops, & a more defined beat giving the single a poppier – almost club like – feel.

You can find this track on iTunes, Amazon, & Spotify.


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IP: “Heavenly Father” – Milo Bloom

“Heavenly Father” – Milo Bloom

This video is incredible. A really lovely cover of Bon Iver’s “Heavenly Father” done with live backing vocalists for the repeating samples from the original track, recorded in what looks like an old house.

Milo Bloom is an electronic/R&B band from Compton, California.

#infiniteplaylist day 801

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