IP: “Owl” – She Keeps Bees

“Owl” – She Keeps Bees

A slight departure from their more ruff-around-the-edges previous work, but I’m digging “Owl” despite my first true love (garage rock). This track comes from their latest album “Eight Houses”.

Via Future Gods.

#infiniteplaylist day 804

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IP: “Townie” – Mitski

“Townie” – Mitski

This overcast Wednesday is calling for some mid-week fuzz pop. Take a listen to this great track from Brooklyn singer/song writer Mitski, for realz tho – it’s fantastic. In reference to today’s lyrics: Mitksi apparently isn’t going to be what her dad wants her to be, what’s her dad got against incredibly talented song writers?

Via Double Double Whammy.

#infiniteplaylist day 803

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IP: “She Say She Like My Step” – Snappy Jit feat. Chad

“She Say She Like My Step” – Snappy Jit feat. Chad

Snappy Jit is the newest member of Half Bad Society – makes killer jams – & we wanted to make sure you heard one: “She Say She Like My Step” by Snappy Jit featuring Chad (tbh, we have no idea who Chad is, currently). Any friend of Grumby is a friend of Surreal Sharx.

#infiniteplaylist day 802

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“Don’t You Mind” – Thrupence

“Don’t You Mind” – Thrupence

On Monday we featured the visual art of Jack Vanzet, today we bring you another side of his creativity: Thrupence. Blending resplendent samples, instrumentation, & vocals from Son House, “Don’t You Mind” is a bit like an audio paint splatter.

Via Future Classic.

#infiniteplaylist day 802

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Merry Christmas from Sharx

merry christmas from sharx

We’d like to wish all our regular readers as well as those just stopping by a very Merry Christmas from the Sharx collective. In order for us to fully enjoy the holiday season with our families & friends, we won’t be posting during the Christmas and New Years break. However, we’ll be coming back stronger than ever in 2015 with more artist features, new Sharx originals, & a whole truck load of awesome content. So keep checking in.

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