“Where You Goin'” – The Yetis

“Where You Goin'” – The Yetis

The retro-minded surf bros from Pennsylvania are returning to grace our blog once again with their warm & inviting garage pop. The surfing vibe is slightly less pronounced on “Where You Goin'” but the lyrics are as bright eyed & full of youthful vibrancy as ever. It’s upbeat, catchy, & written about a girl. That’s about as classic rock & roll as it gets. Also of note: The Yetis are in the process of filming a music video with director Ryan Ohm & are touring Europe in July. Which makes sense when a young band is consistently this good.

“Where You Goin'” is being released as part of The Yeti’s forthcoming “Lonely Tandem Ride EP“.


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IP: “VIDEO GIRL” – Slime Girls

“VIDEO GIRL” – Slime Girls

We’ll start this week of posts off with some chiptunes goodness via California based Slime Girls. “VIDEO GIRL” comes from their December 2014 release “HEART ON WAVE”. We would also strongly suggest listening to Slime Girl’s Vacation Wasteland EP if you’ve been wondering what chiptuned ska surf-rock would sound like. Yeah, it’s awesome.

#infiniteplaylist day 820

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“Light The Way” – The National Pool

“Light The Way” – The National Pool

The chillest electro artist in Baltimore is back with another great single entitled “Light The Way”. The National Pool has found a way to consistently bridge the gap & blur the lines between synth pop & ambient electronica, & I believe this may be their best single track to date. In case you missed it, Sharx was fortunate enough to snag an interview with The National Pool all the way back in 2013 just before their song “Better” would find it’s way to regular rotation on SiriusXM.

You can find this track on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc.


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IP: “Trevor Forever” – Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin

“Trevor Forever” – Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin

Dag, this rocks. My roommate’s been trying out his newly acquired vintage fuzz wah pedal all day & then I heard this rocking – fuzz filled – track from Sharx favorite SSLYBY. How apropos.

#infiniteplaylist day 819

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IP: “Sailing On” – Bad Brains

“Sailing On” – Bad Brains

I’m taking my second professional exam in as many months. Only about 7 more months to go. Bad Brains and 80’s punk have been carrying me through.

Here’s to adulthood.

#throwbackthursday (fri) on the #infiniteplaylist day 818

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