“Lazy Days” – Hunter Jones

“Lazy Days” – Hunter Jones

Everything about “Lazy Days” is smooth. Which makes for a great introduction to the incredibly smooth album “Suburban Slang” by Austin, Texas band Hunter Jones. While we highly recommend listening to the entire record, don’t let the chilled out surfy vibe of “Lazy Days” fool you: there are still moments where the music has a real bite to it as well as some adventurousness in the form of horns & speak-singing. The whole of “Suburban Slang” has an effortless cohesion to it that makes hitting the pause button a difficult proposition (so it’s probably best not to).

The Austin four-piece originally issued “Suburban Slang” last November on cassette through Merdur Haus Records & has now released it digitally.

Via Merdur Haus Records & Love Our Records. Album available for download at Hunter Jones Bandcamp.


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“In The Fog, In The Flame” – Bec Sandridge

“In The Fog, In The Flame” – Bec Sandridge

Quite often when a singer-songwriter starts to make pop music, good things happen. One of those good things is Bec Sandridge’s latest release “In The Fog, In The Flame”. This is eighties inspired, catchy, & energetic pop music. Bec’s time as a more folk-based singer songwriter shows through in the song’s earnestness & endearing quirkiness. The Sydney by-way-of Glasgow singer’s foray into pop music may prove to be a quite successful one & Sharx is certainly looking forward to hearing more from Bec.

This is the debut single from Bec’s upcoming “In The Fog” EP. Go ahead & file this under the ever expanding list of great new Australian artists.


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“Burn For You” – Lunavela

“Burn For You” – Lunavela

There are few things better in life than that moment when you press play on a new song & a beautifully sequenced synth fills the air. Lunavela is a solo project by New Zealand’s Steve Mathieson & his debut track “Burn For You” instantly engages the lead synth & new wave drums to orient the listener towards an inward-facing dreamy pop experience. Right off the bat we know this is a bedroom dream pop project (Mathieson specifically states this on his soundcloud homepage) which means we expect certain things:

  • Texture
  • Reverb
  • Intimacy
  • Transcendence of sleeping and waking

Everyone knows the ingredients & yeah, “Burn For You” has all of that. But Lunavela manages to put them all together in this charming little three minute package. All of that in three minutes? Pretty impressive.

Visit Lunavela’s facebook to keep tabs on his next release.


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“Seventeen” – Color Palette

“Seventeen” – Color Palette

“Seventeen” may be the debut single by Washington DC based band Color Palette, but they do not plan on entering onto the scene quietly. The track immediately jumps into high gear with a growling bass line, & a (nearly) danceable drum beat, while still boasting the bright guitar melody you’d expected in a dream pop song. “Seventeen” has a sort of finespun epicness about itself.  I mean, it’s still dream pop, but the bridge has a pretty intense pounding drum build that screams for yr attention. Similarly the lyrics are personal but yr not going to get carried away into a wistfully dreamy ambience. It’s an interesting combination that we appreciate here at Sharx & we hope you enjoy it as well.

Look for Color Palette’s debut EP in early August via all the usual suspects: soundcloud, twitter, etc.


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“Slower Now” -Star Horse

“Slower Now” – Star Horse

Descartes, John Locke, & Luis Buñuel believed (in one way or another) that our memories are what make up the self or the soul – it’s what defines who we are, what we did, & what we do. Memory can re-shape the past or create the future – as Zumthor’s door handle still does today.

Last summer we recommended our readers add Star Horse’s track “Don’t Get Closer” to whatever summer playlist they were jamming. However, this summer’s release of “Slower Now” finds the same Swedish band reminiscing about winter – a winter during which they reminisced about the summer. With muted colors & beautiful visuals this music video is worthy of the wonderful song it accompanies. While it may seem strange to peacefully reminiscence about a time when you were daydreaming, remember that even if memories are who we are, recollections evolve over time as we grow and change. “Slower Now” reminds us that, quite often, our memories are better than reality.

‘Slower Now’ is available digitally or on 7″ vinyl via Häxrummet Records, both can be found here.


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