“Lazy Days” – Hunter Jones

“Lazy Days” – Hunter Jones

Everything about “Lazy Days” is smooth. Which makes for a great introduction to the incredibly smooth album “Suburban Slang” by Austin, Texas band Hunter Jones. While we highly recommend listening to the entire record, don’t let the chilled out surfy vibe of “Lazy Days” fool you: there are still moments where the music has a real bite to it as well as some adventurousness in the form of horns & speak-singing. The whole of “Suburban Slang” has an effortless cohesion to it that makes hitting the pause button a difficult proposition (so it’s probably best not to).

The Austin four-piece originally issued “Suburban Slang” last November on cassette through Merdur Haus Records & has now released it digitally.

Via Merdur Haus Records & Love Our Records. Album available for download at Hunter Jones Bandcamp.


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“In The Fog, In The Flame” – Bec Sandridge

“In The Fog, In The Flame” – Bec Sandridge

Quite often when a singer-songwriter starts to make pop music, good things happen. One of those good things is Bec Sandridge’s latest release “In The Fog, In The Flame”. This is eighties inspired, catchy, & energetic pop music. Bec’s time as a more folk-based singer songwriter shows through in the song’s earnestness & endearing quirkiness. The Sydney by-way-of Glasgow singer’s foray into pop music may prove to be a quite successful one & Sharx is certainly looking forward to hearing more from Bec.

This is the debut single from Bec’s upcoming “In The Fog” EP. Go ahead & file this under the ever expanding list of great new Australian artists.


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