IP: “Holding” – Grouper

“Holding” – Grouper

It’s been a long while since we brought some Grouper to y’all. This Portland musician is one of my favs when it comes to ambient music, although ambient is probably a bit careless to apply here. Just take 7 minutes off right now, stop working or whatever it is you do, & just listen to this song. That’s it, just listen. You’ll know what I mean when I say it’s a little inappropriate to call this ambient music.

But I still call it that anyways. Via kranky.

#infiniteplaylist day 791

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IP: “Sleep” – Summer Heart

“Sleep” – Summer Heart

Sharx is back from our Asian vaca & feeling stronger than ever! Or maybe we’re just jet lagged & delusional. Stick around to find out. In the meantime, peep this wonderful dream pop song by the excellent Summer Heart. It may be august now in Texas, but it was very warm in Hong Kong & #summerwave music is still very much in play. Crawling around Summer Heart’s soundcloud & listening to all his great songs is highly encouraged behavior.

#infiniteplaylist day 790

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IP: “Four Walls and an Amplifier” – Brock Berrigan

“Four Walls and an Amplifier” – Brock Berrigan

I ran across Brock Berrigan’s soundcloud page by pure chance, but I immediately liked everything I heard. No seriously, everything. I’m not sure I can explain how difficult it was to pick a single song to post, well actually I can: it was very difficult. If yr looking for smooth hip hop beats & tremendously soulful sampling then stop looking & start listening. Today’s song is the title track from Brock’s album “Four Walls and an Amplifier“.

Also, he wears a rooster mask. NBD.

#infiniteplaylist day 789

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“Plan for Tokyo” – Kenzo Tange

kenzo tange - plan for tokyokenzo tange - plan for tokyokenzo tange - plan for tokyo

“Plan for Tokyo” – Kenzo Tange

Via Utopia Forgot.

Over the next three weeks Clint & I will be travelling around Asia, meaning the Sharx Staff will be reduced by two-thirds, thus rendering us pretty much unable to post everyday. So, when you start seeing posts with very little write-up & our post-rate dropping, don’t worry. Sharx isn’t going away, we just really needed to travel.


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IP: “Who Knows” – BEGINNERS

“Who Knows” – BEGINNERS

This song is stupid catchy. It’s pop music, what else do you need to know? Who knows…

#infiniteplaylist day 788

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IP: “King Kong Beaver” – Hudson Mohawke

“King Kong Beaver” – Hudson Mohawke

“King Kong Beaver” is one of the latest tracks to be released by Hudson Mohawke off his brand new Chimes EP. All his songs off this EP are very much worth listening to.

#infiniteplaylist day 787

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IA: “and all their dreams came true” – Billy Childish

we were the last kids to still have
brillcreamed hair
wear shorts to skool
and be beaten with sticks
our parents dreamed of a
new world
of more

sweet wrappers
shopping centers
cut-price meals
cheep booze
and limitless

and whats worse
all their dreams came true

“and all their dreams came true” – Billy Childish

#infiniteanthology day 272

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IP: “Don’t Change” – INXS

“Don’t Change” – INXS

Sure, this song came out in 1982, but based on the way tons of bands sound today (many of which I listen to & love) this song could very well have been released this year… & I would have blogged about it.

Also, how killer is this music video?

#throwbackthursday on the #infiniteplaylist day 786

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