IP: “Dee Dee Dangerous” – The Parrots

“Dee Dee Dangerous” – The Parrots

Let’s go ahead and make this week’s Infinite Playlist all Spanish bands. The Parrots are raucous, which we think is just great. DEERS & The Parrots should probably come play Indian Roller in Austin soon.

If yr in America, Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow. If yr not, then whatever.

#infiniteplaylist day 798

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IP: “Between Cans” – DEERS

“Between Cans” – DEERS

Dude – garage pop – I absolutely love it. Apparently a few people in Madrid do as well. To be more specific, an all girl band named DEERS loves garage pop so much that they went ahead and made some entirely lovely tunes in that vein. (They also do a rad Dead Ghosts cover).

#infiniteplaylist day 797

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IP: “The Sneak Tip” – Oil Boom

“The Sneak Tip” – Oil Boom

Local Dallas/Fort Worth band Oil Boom is getting some national attention with their latest album, mostly because it’s full of great songs. Enjoy the weekend (even if this sudden blast of winter is bringing freezing temperatures).

#infiniteplaylist day 796

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