IP: “SoLong” – School ’94

“SoLong” – School ’94

New wave inspired dreamy pop music from Sweden is on the docket for today’s Infinite Playlist.


#infiniteplaylist day 808

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“Balance” – Teen Commandments

“Balance” – Teen Commandments

Disco, new wave, a little bit of house, and a full serving of pop. A combination of sounds that have not only made this Brooklyn band a Surreal Sharx favorite, but which also show up in full force on their latest track “Balance”. Teen Commandments have clearly been hard at work honing their dance pop sensibilities, because “Balance” is their best effort to date – which says quite a bit considering how much I enjoy the rest of their work. Track is available on iTunes & Soundcloud.

Check them out at Empire Control Room in Austin, Texas for an official SXSW Showcase on 3/17. Peep their social media for further Austin dates during this year’s SXSW.


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IP: “Soft Power” – LVL UP

“Soft Power” – LVL UP

Ok sure, this song starts off by mentioning my name and saying I give good advice. But that’s not the only reason I like it. I also really enjoy power pop. And LVL UP is a band that really knows how to make a distorted guitar pop song.

Via Double Double Whammy.

#infiniteplaylist day 807

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“Blazer” – Rainmode

“Blazer” – Rainmode

Wayyy back in 2013 we posted Rainmode’s “Buckle Up” because we thought it was awesome. Now we’re posting the Swedish electropop band’s fourth single “Blazer”. It’s energetic, fun, & endlessly catchy. The single is available on iTunes & Spotify. On top of all that, Rainmode drops their debut album sometime this spring! Can’t it just be spring already?

In case you were wondering, we also think “Blazer” is awesome.


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IP: “You Make Me Wanna Die” – The Shivas

“You Make Me Wanna Die” – The Shivas

I’m not sure about all that cold weather up in New England, but we sat out on the patio and ate tacos in Dallas. It was beautiful. With sunny weather in mind, start yr week off with a wonderfully classic sounding pop song. Portland band The Shivas are awesome & they make awesome music. How’s that for a write-up?

Via K Records.

#infiniteplaylist day 806

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“All The Time” – Bahamas

“All The Time” – Bahamas

Since we’re getting back to our blogging ways & looking forward to a sunny and warm(ish) weekend in Texas it just feels right to turn you onto this incredibly chilled and catchy tune by Bahamas. “All The Time” comes from the Toronto based singer/songerwriter’s latest release “Bahamas is Afie”.

#infiniteplaylist day 805

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