IP: “Baby Blue” – Action Bronson feat. Chance The Rapper

“Baby Blue” – Action Bronson feat. Chance The Rapper

I’m a huge fan of Action & Chance. And when they team up life gets better. Also, this is easily Action’s catchiest song so far. Full band son.

#infiniteplaylist day 813

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IP: “Look For Love” – Pennybirdrabbit

“Look For Love” – Pennybirdrabbit

Today’s track comes from LA-based pop artist Pennybirdrabbit’s “For Love” EP. The synth pop game sure is a crowded field, but “Look For Love” is just a really fantastic song, and I’d say a good bid for breaking through the crowd.

#infiniteplaylist day 812

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IP: “Do Up” – Yalls

“Do Up” – Yalls

It’s not very often that I want to use the words “ethereal” and “dope” to describe a song. “Do Up” by Yalls makes me want to.

#infiniteplaylist day 811

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“Hypnotize” — Earl Sinclair

This might be the most important video on the entire internet.


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IP: “Silver Bullet” – Swimmers

“Silver Bullet” – Swimmers

Beach pop from Oakland, California band Swimmers. As ever, Burger Recordz bringing all of us luck souls the absolute jamz.

Via Burger Records.

#infiniteplaylist day 810

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IP: “Running (Does That Mean You Care?)” – Stepdad

“Running (Does That Mean You Care?)” – Stepdad

Sure, I don’t normally expect to hear cool electronic based indie pop from a band from Grand Rapids, Michigan. But what do I know? Stepdad’s “Running” brings us exactly that.

Via Quite Scientific.

#infiniteplaylist day 809

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