“We Are Ordinary People” – ATTU

“We Are Ordinary People” - ATTU

Sharx brought you ATTU’s first single “Don’t Sleep” back in January as part of the Infinite Playlist series, & now we’re stoked to present their debut music video “We Are Ordinary People”, which accompanies the second single in support of their debut EP due out on September 1. The London four piece craft simple, elegant, & sincere songs filled equally with tranquility and intensity. I feel like the music video ATTTU created DIY captures this aesthetic incredibly well. The video also captures images of the people & buildings of the wonderful city of London (one of my favorite cities!).

“We Are Ordinary People” EP is available as a beautifully designed vinyl record (& digital) via Beatnick.

attu - we are ordinary people


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IP: “Swords Cry” – Knight One

“Swords Cry” - Knight One

Has yr day been groovy so far? Are you feeling funky enough? Knight One’s “Swords Cry” track should help you out if you answered “no” to any of the preceding questions. This track comes from Netherlands based Knight One (aka Billy Burki) off his debut EP titled “Swords Cry”. Also of note, Anoraak included this song as the lead track in the Kitsuné Club Night mixtape. I have a feeling Knight One is going places.

#infiniteplaylist day 759

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IP: “Galaxy” – Alex Metric & Oliver

“Galaxy” - Alex Metric & Oliver

I could launch into an overly-detailed explanation of the merits & advantages that the metric system has over the English/imperial system. But I won’t, bc nobody needs that on a Monday (or possibly on any day of the week). Instead I’ll just present to you today’s Infinite Playlist entry: “Galaxy” by Alex Metric & Oliver off Alex Metric’s recently released “Hope” EP.

#infiniteplaylist day 758

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“Don’t Get Closer / 100 Eyes” – Star Horse

star horse - dont get closer 100 eyes

“Don’t Get Closer / 100 Eyes” - Star Horse

It’s summer (at least for the northern hemisphere) & Sharx is happy to bring you a release that will fit perfectly into yr sunny day playlist. “Don’t Get Closer / 100 Eyes” is the latest release by Swedish four-piece Star Horse, & this week’s feature post.

While Star Horse’s previous work stays closer to the shoegaze aesthetic, this latest effort sees the band moving towards a much dreamier sound. Each song employs shimmering guitars, albeit in complementary ways. “Don’t Get Closer” is infectious pop smothered in reverb & fuzz that crescendo into a beautiful choral mess of guitars, driving bass, & emphatic drums. “100 Eyes” uses these same components to construct a more contemplative & restrained yet equally dreamy atmosphere.  If “Don’t Get Closer” hits the poppier side of dream pop then “100 Eyes” hits the gazier side shoegaze.

We highly recommend checking out the Star Horse Soundcloud & Bandcamp.


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IP: “Idol” – LeMarquis

lemarquis - idol

“Idol” - LeMarquis

Today’s jam comes from LeMarquis, a nu disco act from Paris (France, not Texas). “Idol” is super groovy, and totally epitomizes this new wave of producers that are diving head-first into the electronic disco sound. I’m excited to see what happens next. Also worth mentioning, LeMarquis is part of DiscoThrill, an independent french label and music collective.

#infiniteplaylist day 757

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IP: “Half Bad” – White Reaper

white reaper - half bad

“Half Bad” - White Reaper

What’s that? You’re needing a mid-afternoon punk rock pick-me-up? Sharx have got you covered brah. Well, Whiter Reaper has got you covered. We just do this blog thing, mostly. White Reaper hails from Louisville (Slugger), Kentucky and their self-titled debut EP is where you can find “Half Bad”. I’ve gotta say, it’s not half bad. lol.

Via Polyvinyl Records.

#infiniteplaylist day 756

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IP: “The Worst Guys” – Childish Gambino feat. Chance The Rapper

“The Worst Guys” - Childish Gambino feat. Chance The Rapper

This video was released back in January but the aesthetics of it didn’t really make sense until summer came around. Also, I totally forgot to blog it. Off Childish Gambino’s second album “Because the Internet”.

#infiniteplaylist day 755

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