Interplanetary Internet

They have cleared the final block.  Interplanetary Internet.  Huzzah!  And there’s even proof.  How you ask?  Why they had an American astronaut currently residing in the ISS operate a scale model rover constructed from LEGOs back here on Earth at the European Space Operations Centre in Darmstadt, Germany.  That’s how.

I, For One, Welcome Our New Interplanetary Internet Robot Overlords

And so I’m now ready to enlist in the Mars colony project.  Where can I do that anyways?  Virgin mobile HQ? I know NASA is getting de-funded despite being responsible for the majority of our positive technological breakthroughs in the last half-century, so probably not there…

While interplanetary internet seems most important now in regards to the future of space porn and torrents (what else do we really use the internet for?), the most significant short term application is the possibility of controlling robots and rovers on Mars from orbit or even Earth itself using relay stations.  This would obviously allow a more efficient and thorough exploration of uninhabited planets, and could conceivably lend a hand in making those planets more hospitable towards human life.


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