“House, pt. 1” — Kristin Naca


Everybody lives in a house. The same house but with different trees. Each
house finishes at the roof, with a chimney, and an antenna for feeding pic-
tures into the TV. Inside is a living room with a wooden floor, or maybe
some carpet. And outside, grass sits in the yard thick as carpet. Every
house has two or more beds, depending on how many children, or how
many relatives live there, how big the beds are. There’s also a kitchen, a
bathroom, and a place beside the grass to park the car.

A house has houses all around it. You can drive on a street between the
houses until you reach the highway, or into the next town Arlington, Vir
ginia, where houses are dotted between Miller’s Music Spot and Whit-
ey’s Broasted Chicken Restaurant. In Arlington people sit on their steps
outside of their houses, or on folding chairs along their small grassy car-
pets. And I say, “Look at the people in those houses,” and my father says,
“Those aren’t houses, Sweetie. They’re shacks.”

“House, pt. 1” — Kristin Naca

#infiniteanthology day16

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