infinite anthology: day 221

“The Man”

There’s a reason Marcy tells me
It’s me she wants to get love from
There are some things she understands
I’m the man who’s really got some

She’s really at #3
2 ahead of her
I’ve got her a steady job
Oh, jeez, I’ll watch out for her

Here comes Mr. D
He’s a Dr in the city
They had to tie him off to a chair
And beat the living shit out of him
And beat the living shit out of him
That’s $50 for a half hour show
Call us anytime if you will, for the kids, it’s a thrill
For the kids, for the kids, kiss
It can kill

Ah, here’s a famous folk singer
He likes to have razors scrape down his back
He’s got this old Jewish thing
’bout Negroes
So we give him Matilda
She rather be called Tuesday
So I call her Tuesday
Matilda time, huh?
Well here’s a nother limp dick

Matilda tie him up
Take a razor to his back
Slowly, slowly man
Seems enough,
Two little lines
Two on his back
He’s a Jewish
A folk singer
He ain’t thought about by a minister
He’s your penthouse apartment pentent

And a thrill to his choice
Andy Warhol says he wants
A doorman or a doorwoman
Don’t matter
To me either, either one of which
Says the fastest, cost the leastest

My last
Hey Thursday’s fastest
But Tuesday we have Fanny and
Georgie, hey man, he
. . . Folk

Lou Reed

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