“A Good Year Down” — Jeni Olin

New York will not accept me at this weight &
Mothers of the disappeared don’t come ‘round
Here anymore. I said you’re housekeeping aren’t you
With Lipton tea stains & the Establishment
Seriously attracted. He said: No
I’m turning down the beds. Now it’s my turn
In bed with a beautiful American rage
Like brunettes with night sweats. My love
Semiprecious & stoned
In the shoulder season we hold on
Though I am dismal & have no dope
Siphoned off behind pink Easter
I fake an optimism
Just to breathe—Just thinking of him for once &
The Wandering Jew that ate my sunshine
But I know flowers like Zorro was my dad
Those garlands of thin hissing lasers
So with the “sexy isotherms
Of semiotics” we meet again at the Kiev
To check chemistry. They bring the lights
Down on those cherry pies & like cryogenics
It sorta works. This time my love
The salt doll of night egging us on
Straight to the zeppelin mooring
With she-has-a-bit-of-the-neardamned-in-her-
Like-when-a-cloud-dies construed as
Well, all right, I’ve seen worse.

“A Good Year Down” — Jeni Olin

#infiniteanthology day239

Seen worse, indeed. It’s been a good year down for sure here at surreal SHARX. We’ve secured our domain and introduced several successful new features while our audience and influence has grown. Stay tuned as we try and take things to the next level in the coming months.

Thanks for your patience over the holiday season. The regular post schedule will be back in full-force after tonight. If you’re interested in having your original artwork, short stories, poetry, film, photography, etc. featured on the site please submit here.

Alternately, tell your friends and family about the site, follow us on twitter and instagram, like us on facebook, spraypaint handmade stencils on lightposts: you know the drill.

Let’s take this thing worldwide. And never forget:

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