“Secret Lives Of Voyeurs” – Teen Commandments

teen commandments - secret lives of voyeurs

“Secret Lives Of Voyeurs” – Teen Commandments

I’m really excited to feature this song today. By now, you should know how much electronic pop music we listen to, so when we find a band as cool as Teen Commandments & a song as groovy as “Secrete Lives Of Voyeurs” we can’t help but be excited! Teen Commandments is a true pop band, a four piece that uses synths, guitar, bass, & drums to an astoundingly danceable effect. They create wonderful synth driven music from what they call “the last dirty loft in Williamsburg,” & this latest single is their best work to date. Check out their Soundcloud for more great jams.

If yr in Brooklyn you can catch Teen Commandments play Cameo Gallery on March 24, 7pm.

“Secret Lives Of Voyeurs” available on iTunes & Spotify.


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One thought on ““Secret Lives Of Voyeurs” – Teen Commandments

  1. […] is their best effort to date – which says quite a bit considering how much I enjoy the rest of their work. Track is available on iTunes & […]

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