ip: “Careless Whisper”-Postmodern Jukebox


“Careless Whisper”—Wham! cover by Postmodern Jukebox


This is a really fun song—in part because I used to be a saxophone player. But who doesn’t love a Wham! cover? This sound experience is brought to you by Postmodern Jukebox, and this isn’t the only song in their pockets. They have quite a few, so be sure to look through to see if they’ve redone your favorite song. It’s always interesting how changing the context of the track can change the meaning of the song. It might even make you think what kind of music could be produced if we spent just a little more time with “popular” songs.This particular tune features Dave Koz, a Grammy-nominated musician, on multiple saxophones. See if you can hear the jazz classic he quotes in his solo.


#infiniteplaylist day 724

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