94 World Cup

94 world cup94 world cup94 world cup

“Playing football is very simple, but playing simple football is the hardest thing there is.”
-Johan Cruyff

There’s one month, every 4 years, where the entirety of the world’s population speaks one language. Lives in the same time zone. Attends the same party. Holds its breath at the same time. For one month we share the same plane of existence. Football is communal, cultural, political, and spiritual. Football has started wars, and torn down societal barriers. It’s rigorous and gruesome, yet creative and delicate. Football (soccer, futbol, futebol, 足球) is simple, complex, and beautiful all at once.

Here’s the thing: I love this game. I realize that’s all it is, a game, but there is still something magnetic and magnificent about it. I can’t really express how much I’ve been looking forward to the world cup. I’ve been anticipating this one since June 26, 2010 (USA 1 – Ghana 2). So in commemoration of this incredible moment in history Surreal Sharx would like to introduce you to our latest feature “94 World Cup”. I’ll be posting retrospective images before each of the US’s group stage games. All images are originally from Getty Images & Associated Press.


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