IP: “A Lot Of Things” – Basketball Shorts

basketball shorts - a lot of things


“A Lot Of Things” – Basketball Shorts

Basketball Shorts is my new favorite band. With songs addressing such existential topics as girls, beer, Bill Murray, & Vietnam via Forest Gump Austin’s Basketball Shorts urges the listener to take part in serious current event dialogues. Sarcasm aside, if yr looking for party-oriented pop punk that reminds you how fun life can be, Basketball Shorts has got the goods.

“But Ryan, I only listen to music on out-moded & obsolete media!” I hear ya, & yr covered. You can find “A Lot Of Things” on cassette tape via the Basketball Shorts & Surfin’ Mutants Pizza Party – Split SC. Also check out the Big Bill & Basketball Shorts – Split CS on cassette with previously blogged Big Bill.

Via Fleeting Youth Records.

#infiniteplaylist day 748

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