“Don’t Get Closer / 100 Eyes” – Star Horse

star horse - dont get closer 100 eyes

“Don’t Get Closer / 100 Eyes” – Star Horse

It’s summer (at least for the northern hemisphere) & Sharx is happy to bring you a release that will fit perfectly into yr sunny day playlist. “Don’t Get Closer / 100 Eyes” is the latest release by Swedish four-piece Star Horse, & this week’s feature post.

While Star Horse’s previous work stays closer to the shoegaze aesthetic, this latest effort sees the band moving towards a much dreamier sound. Each song employs shimmering guitars, albeit in complementary ways. “Don’t Get Closer” is infectious pop smothered in reverb & fuzz that crescendo into a beautiful choral mess of guitars, driving bass, & emphatic drums. “100 Eyes” uses these same components to construct a more contemplative & restrained yet equally dreamy atmosphere.  If “Don’t Get Closer” hits the poppier side of dream pop then “100 Eyes” hits the gazier side shoegaze.

We highly recommend checking out the Star Horse Soundcloud & Bandcamp.


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  2. […] summer we recommended our readers add Star Horse’s track “Don’t Get Closer” to whatever summer […]

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