“Madonna on Acid” – Kid XL

“Madonna on Acid” – Kid XL

You know what I like about music? Or even surrealism for that matter? It can be transportive. Despite being composed of physical things – sound waves or whatever – it has the ability to take yr mind and put it someplace else. Take a trip down Kid XL’s earlier release called “Vacation” & you’ll find each track explores a different genre. Run down the list of songs on the Kid XL soundcloud & each one presents a differing musical point of reference. Within all that difference, however, you’ll find commonalities in the way the songs encourage yr mind to wander & become engaged in these half-told stories where the present & the future become entangled. The lyrics are always simple, but never simplistic. The songs are pensive, but not moody, whether the guitar is fuzzy & blaring or tame & dreamy.

Kid XL, aka Sean Anthony, is an lo-fi DIY musician from Perth, Australia. Leading up to this post Sean also let me know that his latest song “Blue” now has a music video, which is well worth a minute of yr time.


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