“Warm California” – The Yetis

“Warm California” – The Yetis

Though at first glance it may seem strange for a band playing surf music to call themselves The Yetis, but this band’s music is anything but strange. The Yetis make beach rock that feels instantly familiar in that warm-and-cozy kind of way, all without out veering into the oh-I’ve-heard-this-before kind of way. The instrumentation, vocals, & lyrics on this double release are sharp & calculated, belying the young ages of the band members (the oldest of which is 22). “Warm California” has everything you could want from a surf jam: surfing references, cool guitars, vocal harmonies, shakers, & even hand claps!

The Yetis are from chilly Allentown, Pennsylvania & they wrote the songs for “Little Surfer Girl / Warm California” in the attic above a garage in the dead of winter, warming their hands with a kerosene heater. “Warm California” proves that you can enjoy the sunny tones of surf rock from anywhere, at any time – rain, shine, or polar vortex.


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