“Slower Now” -Star Horse

“Slower Now” – Star Horse

Descartes, John Locke, & Luis Buñuel believed (in one way or another) that our memories are what make up the self or the soul – it’s what defines who we are, what we did, & what we do. Memory can re-shape the past or create the future – as Zumthor’s door handle still does today.

Last summer we recommended our readers add Star Horse’s track “Don’t Get Closer” to whatever summer playlist they were jamming. However, this summer’s release of “Slower Now” finds the same Swedish band reminiscing about winter – a winter during which they reminisced about the summer. With muted colors & beautiful visuals this music video is worthy of the wonderful song it accompanies. While it may seem strange to peacefully reminiscence about a time when you were daydreaming, remember that even if memories are who we are, recollections evolve over time as we grow and change. “Slower Now” reminds us that, quite often, our memories are better than reality.

‘Slower Now’ is available digitally or on 7″ vinyl via Häxrummet Records, both can be found here.


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