do sharks eat people

The brainchild of bored college roommates — the sharx blog has been clogging the intertubes with its special brand of surrealism ever since its launch during shark week back in 02009. From the start, we’ve been providing our limited, confused readership with the following: links of the internet variety, meaningful insights, bold declarations, original art / photography / poetry / fiction, and the infinitely accumulating daily recommended doses of music, surreal fragments and poetry.

Check our interview with BreakThru Radio for a more coherent breakdown.

If you’d like to submit music, art, fiction, or poetry to be posted on the blog please don’t hesitate to contact us using any of the methods listed below.

Clint Robertson | San Antonio, TX
Creator / Content Editor / Poet // @surrealshark // @clintbrobertson


Ryan Withrow | Dallas, TX
Founder / Music Curator / Designer // @rmww //


Peter McCrady | Austin, TX
Founder / Writer / Photographer // // @PeterMcCrady


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