NASA has released these radical images of the Plutonian moon Charon from a recent overpass by the New Horizons spacecraft.

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IP: “The Dirt” — Waxahatchee

“The Dirt” — Waxahatchee

I’m a basement brimming with nothing great. Au contraire Miss Crutchfield. There is plenty of greatness on Ivy Tripp. And most of it comes from the lo-fi “basement tapes” style production that eschews bells & whistles for honest, simple songwriting. When something sounds both this present and timeless — well that’s basically greatness in a nutshell innit?

#infiniteplaylist day 833

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IP: “Next Time Around” – Little Joy

“Next Time Around” – Little Joy

Nothing ventured, nothing earned. Nothing ventured, nothing learned. It’s my birthday today. Hopefully the Next Time Around,  I can honestly say I lived this sage advice from this Fabrizio Moretti (drummer for the Strokes) sideproject with Bikini Shapiro and Los Hermanos Rodrigo Amarante.

#infiniteplaylist day 832

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IP: “Loser” – Free Truman

“Loser” — Free Truman

I’m not proud of most of the things I’ve done but it’s okay / kind of pathetic not that poetic basically sums up my entire existence in under the length of a tweet. This song is short and deceptively simple but it’s so catchy and not leaving my rotation anytime soon.

#infiniteplaylist day 831

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IP: “Dr. Mario” – Best Friends

“Dr. Mario” – Best Friends

The chemicals in my blood / are all that are keeping me up may be just about the most resonant lyric I’ve heard in a long time. It doesn’t sound like Best Friends are in a rut — just the opposite actually (pretty grooving) — but sometimes the only thing keeping us moving forward is momentum (and great music like this).

#infiniteplaylist day 830

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IP: “Fuckup” – Hiccup

“Fuckup” – Hiccup

Turns out there’s still something pretty great about a classic no frills three-piece punk rock outfit intent on making fun, catchy music for drunk dancing. If this is the fuckup, I can’t wait to hear them on top of their game.

#infiniteplaylist day 829

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A little late to the party, but if you find yourself poolside this month throw on these handpicked jams and soak up the sun. If you like what you hear, then check out last year’s inaugural iteration: SMRJMZ#1.

Maybe we’ll even finally get the hang of this and have #3 up EARLY next summer. Probably not.


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“First World Problem Pills”

Sometimes life can be pretty miserable out here in suburbia. There’s miles of pavement housing our desolate strip malls, gargantuan food chains, and that without mentioning the sisyphean traffic congestion. It’s really easy to get bogged down in First World Problems. Luckily, there’s a store in Amsterdam that has just the fix. It’s not pot (this time!) but peppermints inside these pills. And while they’re obviously relying on the placebo effect for results, proceeds are at least going to a good cause with a portion of profits donated to provide HIV medication to those who cannot afford it.
Check out the rest and maybe even order a bottle here. [h/t PJ]

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IP: “Wakin On A Pretty Day” – Kurt Vile

“Wakin On A Pretty Day” – Kurt Vile

Surreal Sharx would like to wish all a Happy Labor Day. Hopefully yr able to enjoy it with friends, family, & a pretty day.

#infiniteplaylist day 828

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