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IP: “Vaporware” – Color Palette

Preview the latest album from sharx favorites Color Palette.

Now available on Spotify  and iTunes.

“Vaporwave” – Color Palette

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IP: “Heartless” – Color Palette

“Heartless” – Color Palette

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“Seventeen” – Color Palette

“Seventeen” – Color Palette

“Seventeen” may be the debut single by Washington DC based band Color Palette, but they do not plan on entering onto the scene quietly. The track immediately jumps into high gear with a growling bass line, & a (nearly) danceable drum beat, while still boasting the bright guitar melody you’d expected in a dream pop song. “Seventeen” has a sort of finespun epicness about itself.  I mean, it’s still dream pop, but the bridge has a pretty intense pounding drum build that screams for yr attention. Similarly the lyrics are personal but yr not going to get carried away into a wistfully dreamy ambience. It’s an interesting combination that we appreciate here at Sharx & we hope you enjoy it as well.

Look for Color Palette’s debut EP in early August via all the usual suspects: soundcloud, twitter, etc.


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