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IP: “Bliss” – Jack Kerowax

Bliss” – Jack Kerowax

#infiniteplaylist day 826

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IP: “I Like It” – TEAM*

“I Like It” – TEAM*

Dallas band TEAM* seem to have a knack for creating sincere, energetic, polished, & layered indie rock (at times even bordering on pop rock) which these days has become a pretty crowded & boring sub-genre. “I Like It” comes off their recently released album “Good Morning Bad Day”, & while I’m pretty “over” albums I have to say – this is a good one. TEAM* will be playing the KXT Holiday Concert with Jungle at the Prophet Bar in Deep Ellum, one of several December shows I’m very excited about.

Via South x Sea.

#infiniteplaylist day 800

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IP: “The Sneak Tip” – Oil Boom

“The Sneak Tip” – Oil Boom

Local Dallas/Fort Worth band Oil Boom is getting some national attention with their latest album, mostly because it’s full of great songs. Enjoy the weekend (even if this sudden blast of winter is bringing freezing temperatures).

#infiniteplaylist day 796

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IP: “Neglect” – Mr. Kitty

mr kitty - neglect

“Neglect” – Mr. Kitty

You know what you need today? Some new wave-ish goth electo. In order to fulfill this need, the Infinite Playlist is here to bring you some fresh synths and snares from Dallas’s Austin’s very own Mr. Kitty. Mr. Kitty is hip, cool, & playing Club Dada this weekend. Also, I think that’s Japanese on the album cover, correct me if I”m wrong.

#infiniteplaylist day 725

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IP: “Thank God For Sinners” – Ty Segall

“Thank God For Sinners” – Ty Segall

Dude, Ty Segall’s show at Spillover Fest was crazy. Speakers were knocked over, Ty got hit in the face with a Lone Star (…or possibly a PBR), crowd surfing, mosh pitting. It was tons of fun. So much fun that you didn’t even notice the unseasonably cold weather once they started jamming on the outdoor stage.

#infiniteplaylist day 697          #spillmf

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IP: “Simple And Sure” – The Pains of Being Pure at Heart

the pains of being pure at heart - simple and sure - spillover fest

“Simple And Sure” – The Pains of Being Pure at Heart

Who doesn’t love twee pop drenched in fuzz? Weirdos, that’s who. These guys (and girl) rocked way harder than I was expecting them to based on their recordings. Check out the latest single from their upcoming album “Days of Abandon”.

#infiniteplaylist day 696          #spillmf

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IP: “The Righteous One” – The Orwells

the orwells - the righteous one - spillover fest

“The Righteous One” – The Orwells

After a few near misses due to schedule conflicts, I finally got to see one of my favorite new bands live, & they killed it. The Orwells were energetic & incredibly tight for such a fast paced & young band, even after the chaos of SXSW.

I was able to attend a few shows at this year’s installment of Spillover Fest in between keeping my prior Sunday commitments. It was a rad time, these next few Infinite Playlist posts will highlight the bands I got to see.

#infiniteplaylist day 695          #spillmf

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IP: “Can’t You See” – A.Dd+

“Can’t You See” – A.Dd+

Check out this video by Dallas’s foremost rap group A.Dd+ featuring DJ Sober in the vid & produced by Nick Nack from Austin. Music video was directed and produced by OG of Luxury Mindz, who has also done productions for the likes of Gary Clark Jr. & J. Cole.

#infiniteplaylist day 675

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IP: “Caaalifornia” – French Horn Rebellion feat. Ghost Beach

french horn rebellion - caaalifornia

“Caaalifornia” – French Horn Rebellion feat. Ghost Beach

I was lucky enough to see French Horn Rebellion as the special guest with DJ Blake Ward at Beauty Bar in Dallas. French horn played over dance beats, it was pretty rad.

#infiniteplaylist day 664

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IP: “Don’t Be Useless” – -topic.

topic - dont be useless

“Don’t Be Useless” – -topic.

Dallas rapper Topic dropped his second album “Be Good and Do Well” on New Years Day. Topic’s lyrical prowess and unique socially conscious disposition are on full display. Paris Pershun of  A.Dd+ joins on this particular track. The entire album is well worth a listen.

#infiniteplaylist day 662

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