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IP: “VIDEO GIRL” – Slime Girls

“VIDEO GIRL” – Slime Girls

We’ll start this week of posts off with some chiptunes goodness via California based Slime Girls. “VIDEO GIRL” comes from their December 2014 release “HEART ON WAVE”. We would also strongly suggest listening to Slime Girl’s Vacation Wasteland EP if you’ve been wondering what chiptuned ska surf-rock would sound like. Yeah, it’s awesome.

#infiniteplaylist day 820

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“Balance” – Teen Commandments

“Balance” – Teen Commandments

Disco, new wave, a little bit of house, and a full serving of pop. A combination of sounds that have not only made this Brooklyn band a Surreal Sharx favorite, but which also show up in full force on their latest track “Balance”. Teen Commandments have clearly been hard at work honing their dance pop sensibilities, because “Balance” is their best effort to date – which says quite a bit considering how much I enjoy the rest of their work. Track is available on iTunes & Soundcloud.

Check them out at Empire Control Room in Austin, Texas for an official SXSW Showcase on 3/17. Peep their social media for further Austin dates during this year’s SXSW.


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“Blazer” – Rainmode

“Blazer” – Rainmode

Wayyy back in 2013 we posted Rainmode’s “Buckle Up” because we thought it was awesome. Now we’re posting the Swedish electropop band’s fourth single “Blazer”. It’s energetic, fun, & endlessly catchy. The single is available on iTunes & Spotify. On top of all that, Rainmode drops their debut album sometime this spring! Can’t it just be spring already?

In case you were wondering, we also think “Blazer” is awesome.


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IP: “She Say She Like My Step” – Snappy Jit feat. Chad

“She Say She Like My Step” – Snappy Jit feat. Chad

Snappy Jit is the newest member of Half Bad Society – makes killer jams – & we wanted to make sure you heard one: “She Say She Like My Step” by Snappy Jit featuring Chad (tbh, we have no idea who Chad is, currently). Any friend of Grumby is a friend of Surreal Sharx.

#infiniteplaylist day 802

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IP: “After Night” – Voyager x NΣΣT

“After Night” – VoyagerNΣΣT

Shout out to my boi Murilo at Growllective for reposting this song. The Voyager x NΣΣT collaboration “After Night” is a striking mix of heavy electro chillwave, hints of hip hop, & lots of kawaii. Very entertaining.

#infiniteplaylist day 783

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IP: “Cold Wind From Fools” – Yacht Club

“Cold Wind From Fools” – Yacht Club

If yr looking for an alternative dance jam with some smoove grooves (preferably from a Canadian band), then wow, have you come to the right place. Fresh off the press over at Burger Records comes the single “Cold Wind From Fools” by Toronto outfit Yacht Club. Srsly though, I can’t believe how accurate I was with my prediction today. I mean, did nail it or what?

Via Burger Records.

#infiniteplaylist day 779

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IP: “Idol” – LeMarquis

lemarquis - idol

“Idol” – LeMarquis

Today’s jam comes from LeMarquis, a nu disco act from Paris (France, not Texas). “Idol” is super groovy, and totally epitomizes this new wave of producers that are diving head-first into the electronic disco sound. I’m excited to see what happens next. Also worth mentioning, LeMarquis is part of DiscoThrill, an independent french label and music collective.

#infiniteplaylist day 757

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IP: “Better At Making Time” – De Lux

de lux - better at making time

“Better At Making Time” – De Lux

My personal goal for this week: Get better at making time. Our Infinite Playlist for today: De Lux’s “Better At Making Time” off their LP titled “Voyage”. This LA based post-disco band makes groovy jams for you to dance to. So, yeah, do that.

#infiniteplaylist day 752

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IP: “Start Again” – Pomo feat. Andrea Cormier

pomo - start again

“Start Again” – Pomo feat. Andrea Cormier

Canada’s at it again. Making hip electronic music seems to be something they do very well up there, maybe its all the cold weather. Except that there’s palm trees on the art that goes with this song – life can be so confusing. No bother, just sit back & blast this great dance track as loud as yr co-workers will let you.

Via HW&W Recordings.

If we miss an Infinite Playlist post tomorrow, don’t worry, it just means we’re too busy celebrating a USA victory over Germany!

#infiniteplaylist day 749

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