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IP: “Heavy Metal Detox” — Wavves

“Heavy Metal Detox” – Wavves

On this track from V the latest ( 5th! ) album from everyone’s favorite beach-fi band Wavves there is an unmistakable glee in Nathan Williams’ voice when he screams Taking a break / not just from you / but everything. Having found solace in his newfound solitude he does not mind letting the rockstar veneer crack slightly to reveal his obvious road-weariness culminating in the repeated refrain I’m getting worse. While this self-implication of his mental state rings particularly true on this moody record, the band and the singer certainly aren’t getting worse — rather tighter and more focused all the time.

#infiniteplaylist day 834

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IP: “The Dirt” — Waxahatchee

“The Dirt” — Waxahatchee

I’m a basement brimming with nothing great. Au contraire Miss Crutchfield. There is plenty of greatness on Ivy Tripp. And most of it comes from the lo-fi “basement tapes” style production that eschews bells & whistles for honest, simple songwriting. When something sounds both this present and timeless — well that’s basically greatness in a nutshell innit?

#infiniteplaylist day 833

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IP: “Loser” – Free Truman

“Loser” — Free Truman

I’m not proud of most of the things I’ve done but it’s okay / kind of pathetic not that poetic basically sums up my entire existence in under the length of a tweet. This song is short and deceptively simple but it’s so catchy and not leaving my rotation anytime soon.

#infiniteplaylist day 831

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A little late to the party, but if you find yourself poolside this month throw on these handpicked jams and soak up the sun. If you like what you hear, then check out last year’s inaugural iteration: SMRJMZ#1.

Maybe we’ll even finally get the hang of this and have #3 up EARLY next summer. Probably not.


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IP: “Half Bad” – White Reaper

white reaper - half bad

“Half Bad” – White Reaper

What’s that? You’re needing a mid-afternoon punk rock pick-me-up? Sharx have got you covered brah. Well, Whiter Reaper has got you covered. We just do this blog thing, mostly. White Reaper hails from Louisville (Slugger), Kentucky and their self-titled debut EP is where you can find “Half Bad”. I’ve gotta say, it’s not half bad. lol.

Via Polyvinyl Records.

#infiniteplaylist day 756

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IP: “Summer With Phil” – Dead Ghosts

dead ghosts - summer with phil

“Summer With Phil” – Dead Ghosts

Clint & I came across Dead Ghosts a while back when we were messing around with silly music stuff & I’ve been a fan of theirs ever since. Burger Records is killing it right now, and they’re now offering a re-issue of the Vancouver band’s second LP “Can’t Get No” in colored vinyl. Pretty cool.

#infiniteplaylist day 742

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IP: “From Your Girl” – The Muffs

The Muffs

“From Your Girl” – The Muffs

After more than a decade hiatus, The Muffs are putting out a new record called Whoop Dee Doo July 29th on the fantastic Burger Records label. One of the new tracks can be found here on soundcloud. Probably best know for their cover of Kim Wilde’s Kids in America which featured in Clueless the modern satirical re-imagining of Jane Austen’s Emma, The Muffs are a grunge/garage band fronted by the distinctive vocals of Kim Shattuck. “From Your Girl” off their s/t first LP is a wonderful entry point for new fans who we encourage to both catch-up on the old releases and look forward to the new one.

For fans of: Breeders, Sleater-Kinney, Soviettes

#infiniteplaylist day 741

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infinite playlist: day 623

the orwells - who needs you

“Who Needs You” — The Orwells

The Orwells dropped this catchy and energetic track back in September on their Who Needs You EP. The Orwells are one of my favorite current rock bands & this track is one of the many reasons why.

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infinite playlist: day 608

the go - puzzle people

“Puzzle People” — The GO

From Burger Records, garage rock band The GO’s infections 60’s rock sounding “Puzzle People”. Have yrself a good weekend.

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infinite playlist: day 580

“View From Here” — The Gories

Since 1990 was 23 years ago, I’m gonna count this one as a throwback thursday. Off their “I Know You Fine, But How You Doin'” album.

The Gories: Rocking the garage doors off Detroit since 1986.

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