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IP: “Moving Parts” – Boyfrndz

“Moving Parts”—Boyfrndz

Boyfrndz is a local Austin band steeped in the experimental/psych rock genre. They remind me a little of The Mars Volta. I had a chance to see them live at the opening night for Wonderland over in East Austin. Put on a great show. The group’s second album is scheduled to release in April. Check out their website for more music.

#infiniteplaylist day 693

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IP: “Asleep” – Anthony Valadez feat. Anna Wise

“Asleep” – Anthony Valadez feat. Anna Wise

#infiniteplaylist day 692

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IP: “Streamers” – Wave Racer

wave racer - streamers

“Streamers” – Wave Racer

Another Aussie making killer music, this one’s from Sydney and makes vaguely tropical electronic jams. I first heard this artists when he remixed Panama’s “Always”. This track is the latest single by Wave Racer released through Future Classic.

#infiniteplaylist day 685

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IP: “Soft Focus” – Archdukes

archdukes - soft focus

“Soft Focus” – Archdukes

Australians have really taken to dreamy shoegaze. So I’m more than happy to post up another great band and song. This one is called “Soft Focus” by Archdukes. I like this song, and I like the soft focus lens effect. So, double whammy.

#infiniteplaylist day 684

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“After All” – Bad$ista

badsista - after all

“After All” – Bad$ista

Sharx is stoked to present a new track by Sao Paulo based producer Bad$ista. This production is a finely tuned atmospheric composition that goes well beyond beat making. It’s definitely a chill song with a heavy tone, but “After All” still packs a considerable punch with clicking hi-hats, a nice drop half way through, & so much bass. So much bass. Check out Bad$ista on her soundcloud, serious jams.

Free download available through soundcloud.

Via Growllective.


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IP: “Weird” – Roomrunner

roomrunner - weird

“Weird” – Roomrunner

So, you like grungy noise rock? Great. Us too. Roomrunner is from Baltimore, they play loud riff-based rock & roll drenched in fuzz & reverb. I feel it’s important to start yr week in the right way, I can’t think of many things better than some headbanging.

Via Fan Death Records.

#infiniteplaylist day 682

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IP: “Stronger” – Wilfred Giroux

wilfred giroux - stronger

“Stronger” – Wilfred Giroux

Seriously though, this Wilfred Giroux guy is awesome. He’s a house music producer based out of London. Peep this track off the upcoming “Stronger EP”.

Also, “Wilfred Giroux” is actually two dudes, Joshua Mooney and Sam Thompson. They’re 19 years old apparently & their songs go this hard. Baller.

#infiniteplaylist day 681

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IP: “dress” – kigo

kigo - dress

“dress” – kigo

Kigo is a dream pop-ish shoegaze band out of Brisbane, Australia. Combining a shoegaze sensibility with a bedroom electonica ethic kigo’s songs slowly evolve from cacophony of noisy elements to a blissful audio drone. I’m really digging this band. Be sure to check out kigo’s bandcamp, well worth a listen.

#infiniteplaylist day 680

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IP: “Without You” – Dillon Francis feat. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs

dillon francis & teed - without you

“Without You” – Dillon Francis feat. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs

The sharx gathered in Austin this weekend for the first time in far too long & it was tons of fun. More fun than this incredible Dillon Francis track featuring (a personal fav) TEED. That’s saying alot, bc this is a fun song.

#infiniteplaylist day 679

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IP: “Drifting Up” – Wildarms

wildarms - drifting up

“Drifting Up” – Wildarms

Duncan Cooper is an associate editor at FADER. He also produces music under the moniker Wildarms. It’s sort of ambient electronic, but with more breakbeats. This track comes off the recently dropped “Just For Love” EP.

Via Cascine.

#infiniteplaylist day 678

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