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NASA has released these radical images of the Plutonian moon Charon from a recent overpass by the New Horizons spacecraft.

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“Malfunction” — Cyriak

I’ve no idea what this video is. It crawled out from some dark corner of my computer after evolving from the virtual maggots that feast on rotting film footage.

“Malfunction” — Cyriak


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“Tunisia Series” — ROA

Enjoy these incredible graffiti murals by Beligan street artist ROA recently created on the island of Djerba in Tunisia. These installations are the result of a joint effort by the art collective Djerbahood (consisting of over 150 street artists) who were invited to create art on the island.

“Tunisia Series”ROA


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“Tautochronos” — Michel Lamoller


“Tautochronos”Michel Lamoller

Tautochornos is an ongoing collage project from photographer Michel Lamoller

about the possibilities of melting several moments in time down into one


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