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IP: “Heavy Metal Detox” — Wavves

“Heavy Metal Detox” – Wavves

On this track from V the latest ( 5th! ) album from everyone’s favorite beach-fi band Wavves there is an unmistakable glee in Nathan Williams’ voice when he screams Taking a break / not just from you / but everything. Having found solace in his newfound solitude he does not mind letting the rockstar veneer crack slightly to reveal his obvious road-weariness culminating in the repeated refrain I’m getting worse. While this self-implication of his mental state rings particularly true on this moody record, the band and the singer certainly aren’t getting worse — rather tighter and more focused all the time.

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infinite playlist: day 567

“So Bored” — His Clancyness (Wavves Cover)

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Year in Review: Top 10 Albums 2009

These selections by no means represent the sharks as a whole, but for now this is what I’ve been digging. Future, completely different lists may follow. We haven’t really discussed it. Anyways, I’ve included some MP3 downloads and a Youtube video so you can get a feel for the bands, but you really need to own all these albums and check out one of their shows if they come through town. I’m also really digging the tribute compilation for Chris Knox, but since I’ve had it less than a week it’s hard for it to be in the top 10. Of course, it does have a new Jeff Mangum (cover) song, so who am I really kidding?


Free Drugs ; ) – Harlem

Similar Artists: White Denim, Tronics

Best Songs:

South of France

Beautiful & Very Smart


Psychedelic Tits

I’m on Drugs


The Mountain – Heartless Bastards

Similar Artists: Led Zeppelin, The Black Keys

Best Songs:

The Mountain

Out at Sea

So Quiet



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