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IP: “Kaleidoscopic” – Wildcat Apollo

“Kaleidoscopic” – Wildcat Apollo

#infiniteplaylist day 841

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“KC Zombie” – Wildcat Apollo

“KC Zombie” – Wildcat Apollo

You may know Wildcat Apollo from Surreal Sharx first band intervew. Or (more likely) you may know them as dat new new from Austin, Texas that’s been gaining more & more attention this year. Since we featured they’re single “KC Zombie” off their eponymous debut album, we felt it was our duty to bring you their music video for the aforementioned single as well. The video, which was directed in part by vocalist/synths/percussionist Cat Tassini, features a glimpse into a world full of surreal & psychedelic imagery to accompany one of the bands more pop oriented tracks. Dream pop & surreal visuals, these are things we endorse here at Sharx.


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Wildcat Apollo Interview (infinite playlist: day 638)

wildcat apollo - kc zombie

“KC Zombie” — Wildcat Apollo

We’ve been busy over here at sharx, but we wanted to take a minute and bring you some new music and an interview with the band Wildcat Apollo, a Brooklyn/Austin based band that moves between shoegaze, psychedelic, pop and dance rock to create a unique sound that fully develops over the course of a track.

Band members include Cat Tassini on synthesizer, percussion and providing vocals; Taylor Eichenseer on guitar and singing; Aaron Eichenseer on guitar and bass; and Alex Margolin on drums, percussion and synthesizer.

Wildcat Apollo is playing a show Dec. 18 at Arlene’s Grocery at 95 Stanton Street in Manhattan. Wildcat Apollo goes on at 10 p.m.

Take a listen and follow the jump to see the interview in its entirety.

So tell me how the band got started, how you met and how you decided that you were a band. When did everyone meet and decide that a band was the thing that needed to happen?

Taylor: I guess it goes back years. My older brother Aaron has been playing guitar since he could walk. In high school, I got a little disinterested in sports and found my way back to music after many years apart. Mostly because of Aaron and also because of our parents encouraging us. We quickly wanted to get Alex in the loop, so I got him started off on drums and I started playing guitar.

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